Win $100 Hardees Combo Gift Card by completing the Hardee’s Survey (EXPIRED)

If you love Angus Beef burgers then win a combo gift card worth $100 by filling the Hardee’s Survey using the URL

About Hardee’s

Hardee’s is a US based restaurant chain that is operating a successful business in the South and Midwest states of United States. The company has evolved after its foundation in the 1960 and runs under the ownership of CKE restaurants.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Hardee’s Survey

If you love Angus Beef then you would definitely love Hardee’s too then you should avail the $100 Combo gift card that it has to offer by sharing your feedback at Hardee’s Survey. You must first also connect your device with any internet connection you have and also must have visited Hardee’s once to be able to give reviews.

You must also be at least 18 years in age and a legal resident of the United States of America to be eligible to take the Hardee’s Survey.

Follow the step by step guideline given below to thoroughly complete the online Hardee’s Survey and then win a combo gift card worth $100:

  1. Visit the web address given ahead to gain a safe access to the official Hardee’s Survey page
  2. Now on your screen will be displayed the official page for the online Hardee’s
  3. Now you must choose the state and the exact location of the branch of Hardee’s you visited the last time
  4. Then from the next page onwards you may directly start answering the Hardees Survey
  5. The questions will be regarding the food and its taste quality at Hardee’s, overall environment, fair pricing, overall cleanliness of the restaurant and the standards of customer service.
  6. Make sure you answer as honestly as you can according to the experience you had the last time.
  7. Then submit your completed Hardee’s

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