Win $1,000 gift cards by filling in the Walmart Survey!

You can now avail all the perks that a gift card of $1000 can offer after filling in the Walmart Survey on this URL

About Walmart

Walmart is a leading supermarket chain worldwide and runs in form of discount retail stores and also gives the services of their Sam’s Club warehouse all around the world which gives exclusive discounts to all their club members.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the Walmart Survey

Do as you are instructed in the guide below to finish the Walmart Survey and then enter the lucky draw winning for the gift card valued at $1000:

  1. Hit this web link to see the main page for the Walmart Survey
  2. Your web browser will show you the main page for the Walmart Survey.
  3. Tell the language you wish to take the Walmart Survey in from the choices between English and Spanish.
  4. When you have made a selection for the language read all the rules, legal terms and other legalities that you must abide by for filling in the Walmart Survey.
  5. Press “CONTINUE” and go on to Walmart Survey.
  6. State the Postal ZIP code of your area of residence
  7. Answer some general questions.
  8. Enter your full name and store ID as given on your transaction bill.
  9. Hit “NEXT”
  10. Now you will have the permission to answer the questions in the official Walmart Survey
  11. Rate for Walmart efficiency and products using the shown scale.
  12. At the finish line of the official Walmart Survey enter your full name, email address and contact number
  13. You will now be entered in to the prize draw.
  14. The last task would be to make a submission of your completed Walmart Survey.

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