It is included in the responsibilities of team to protect and safeguard the private information of all their users and visitors. In perspective of how important and critical the privacy of personal information is, has come up with an easily understandable yet efficient Privacy Policy for their visitors to abide by when it comes to the collection of personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how collects, uses, shares or discloses the gathered personal information of their visitors.

It is highly recommended that you carefully read the entire Privacy Policy that has been outlined below by

  • Whenever any user or visitor will be prompted to share their personal information at, we will inform in complete detail the all the reasons for which the particular information is being asked for from the visitor.
  • com officials will only ask for and make use of the personally identifying details of all their visitors with the intention of solely completing the intentions which were informed to the user when the personally identifying information was collected or for any other associated reasons when has already acquired the special permission of the visitors themselves or as stated in the laws applicable here.
  •’s team will only keep the assembled personally identifying information as long as it is needed by us to complete the stated intents and purposes.
  • The team members of will ask for certain personal information from its through lawful and just means and only where there is a viable purpose for such information that also once the user has signed his/her consent to share their personal information.
  • will only ask for and gather that particular information which is relevant to for the purposes it is being collected for and to fulfill its intents and only to the extent that it is required. However, whenever you are asked for personal information you must give accurate, up to date and correct details.
  • The Customer Survey upholds the promise to fully protect and preserve all that information which is collected from its users against any digital theft or loss in any form in addition from unauthorized access or modification through any sources.
  •’s team will display all the terms and privacy policies and other laws that are used to protect the personal information that is collected from its visitors.
  • utilizes the references of third party advertisements in order to support its softwares and applications. However it essential to note that these third party advertisements make use of cookies and web beacons when they decide to advertise anywhere online which will let these advertisement companies gain access to the user’s IP address, their Internet Service Provider and the sort of web browser that the user is making use of to access the website of

The team of has devoted all their resources in operating their business by abiding by all the terms of the privacy policy to most efficiently protect the confidentiality of the collected information.